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About AVL Animal Hospital

Many people have asked where the name AVL came from. The practice originated in the Arlington area of Riverside many, many years ago. Dr. Robert Olsen started the practice there and it was a poultry practice that employed several veterinarians. They worked with commercial poultry farms providing disease diagnosis and treatment of the flocks. They also produced their own vaccines that were used for disease prevention. Hence the name Arlington Veterinary Laboratory (AVL).

Dr. Olsen moved the practice to the Hemet location but retained the name. The current animal hospital was in the old days a vaccine production laboratory. Dr. olsen planted the surrounding citrus trees in those early days. The practice and building were here before the trees!

In around 1970, a new devastating viral disease entered California that threatened the entire poultry population. It was called VVND Newcastles disease. There was no vaccine for prevention and the disease had not been in the US prior to that. The government opted to stop the disease in its tracks by eradicating every bird in California. Dr. Olsen was left without work at that point so he started practicing small animal veterinary care part time to help make a living . Dr. Olsen continued to practice in both the poultry and small animal sides of veterinary medicine until he retired in 1990.

Dr. Johnson purchased the practice and facilities in 1990, and has been here ever since.


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